The Monastic Duties

Group 3

The primary obedience of all nuns is to attend all the holy services and lead a life of worship in general. Almost as important is their catering to the needs of the pilgrims, and doing charitable deeds. The Holy Monastery is always present in the religious function of the region. In general, the Holy Monastery has a strong presence in the spiritual events of the region.

Some of the monastic obediences to which the Sisters apply themselves to, are gardening, cultivating, iconography, crafts, writing on spiritual themes, always with the view to spiritual edification and the salvation of their souls and of the world at large.

Apart from the sacred art of Hagiography and fresco, which is a basic ministry of the Sisterhood, the Nuns have been creating images on wood, printed on paper or on canvas, of an infinite variety of Saints and in three basic sizes.

The activity of the Sisters also includes the engraving and cutting of small artistic objects with the help of a lazer machine (keychains, crosses, etc.)

Recently, they also have a wide variety of decorative designs (i.e. Cross, Saints) on wood in various sizes for the boiled wheat (kolliva), which is used for memorial service.


The relation with nature

Group 3

The nuns inadvertently are exposed to natural surroundings and inevitably interact with nature’s kingdom which for them is their natural habitat. Apart from their spiritual obligations they also focus their interest on the study and research of plants, herbs, fruits and land products.

Monastics are mainly vegetarian and show abstinence from certain foods and restrain in their diets, which is a basic rule of Monasticism. Therefore, obviously their diet includes mostly vegetables, fruit, herbs and grain products.